Pamela Kaufman

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Pamela Kaufman got her professional start covering health at Vogue, where she wrote two columns on news and trends as well as feature stories. Her interest in healthy eating brought her to Food & Wine, where she became executive editor. Today she writes articles about health and food, profiles courageous people living with chronic disease, and pursues all kinds of great stories. You can follow her adventures as an eater, mom, and traveler @pamkaufman.

Conditions Covered:Cancer, Diabetes, Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anxiety Disorders, Sexual Health

Latest by Pamela Kaufman

Running the Boston Marathon for Diabetes Charity

Casey McNamara, a diabetes advocate, achieved her dream of running the Boston Marathon and raised nearly $24,000 for diabetes charity at the same time.

Patient and Blogger Stands Up Against the Opioid Stigma

While politicians, policy makers, and medical experts are arguing about the best way to solve the opioid crisis, the blogger behind Chronic Mom says, opioids saved her life.

Outliving Expectations with Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is considered a fatal disease, but new treatments are extending life expectancy, which brings its own emotional challenges.

What Does It Take to Keep Working Through Colon Cancer Treatment?

Julie Self knows. “Work was all about scaling back expectations.”

Young Colorectal Cancer Patient Talks Stage 3 Cancer and the Community That's Helped Raise Her Children

Annie Schreiber discusses how family, friends, teachers, church members, and others rallied to her side as she and her husband raised their three children during her stage 3 rectal cancer treatment.

Coming to Terms with Insulin Injections: Corinna Cornejo's Story

Is taking insulin a mark of failure? A lot of people believe it is. Corinna Cornejo thinks otherwise.

How a Holiday Freakout Inspired One Woman's Anxiety Breakthrough

Kat Kinsman discusses her new book, “Hi, Anxiety” and how she was able to overcome some people’s worst anxiety fears.

Confronting RA by Getting Back on The Bike

The story of Randy Headrick and how a motorcross accident kickstarted his journey to living with RA.

A Food Star’s Surprising Graves’ Disease Reveal

While she was filling her Instagram with delicious food, she was secretly battling Graves’ Disease.

When a Doctor Misdiagnoses Your RA

A public-health specialist talks to HealthCentral about her long journey to an RA diagnosis.