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Tempeh and Green Okra With Grains Recipe

Diagnosed with stomach cancer and had a gastrectomy? Renowned chef without a stomach, Hans Rueffert, shares a recipe for post-stomach removal surgery or as an every-day healthy meal.

Hummus Recipe for Post-Gastrectomy

If you were diagnosed with stomach cancer and had a gastrectomy, chef Hans Rueffert has nutritious recipes on hand that can help. This recipe, for hummus, includes an unusual protein source.

Renowned Chef Doesn't Have Stomach After Stomach Cancer Treatment

Hans Rueffert was known as the talented chef from the debut season of “The Next Food Network Star.” Then, two weeks after the finale, in 2005, doctors discovered he had stage 3 stomach cancer.

9 Tips for Eating and Cooking After a Gastrectomy

A chef and stomach cancer survivor from “The Next Food Network Star” gives ideas for food and cooking following a gastrectomy, including using diabetic cookbooks and nut butters often.