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Paula Busse is an allergist-immunologist in New York, New York and is affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital. She wrote for HealthCentral as a health professional for Allergy and Skin Care.

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Are Your Chronic Hives a Mystery?

While some people with chronic hives will never know why they're affected, seeing an allergist is the best way to find a treatment.

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It's cold outside, so is this a cold or an allergy?

Hi, I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. As it is the cold and flu season, I am frequently asked how you can tell the difference between having a cold and having allergies. Colds and allergies often have many of the same symptoms, such as a ...

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When is it safe to give an infant or a young child peanut butter?

Unfortunately, the prevalence of allergic diseases (such as food allergy, asthma, eczema, hay fever) appears to be increasing. In particular, it seems that the number of people diagnosed with food allergy is increasing. About 6 percent of young child...

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Late-Onset Allergies

Hi, I am asked many times by my patients if one can develop allergies later in life. Yes, it is true, that allergies tend to affect most people beginning in childhood, but it is not uncommon for people to develop allergies later in life. There are se...

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Allergy Pills vs. Nasal Sprays

Hi, I hope that everyone is doing ok with his or her spring-time allergies. Frequently I am asked which is better to treat allergies: pills (oral anti-histamines) or nose sprays. For many people, putting medication in the nose may not be very appeali...

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Treating Allergies With Allergy Shots

Hi, I hope everyone is having a good spring. Last time I wrote about being tested for allergies. This time I will discuss a common question that I receive-treating allergies with allergy shots. Allergy shots are typically given to patients whose alle...

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Food Allergies In Adults

I would like to discuss food allergy in adults, and symptoms that one may experience with food allergies. Fortunately, food allergy is pretty rare in adults, only about 1-2% of the adult population has true food allergies. (However, many other adults ...