Pauline Campos

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Pauline Campos is a freelance writer, author, and & artist living in the Twin Cities. Her work - often focusing on reported features, mental health, autism awareness, and raising a daughter that will never doubt the power of her own voice - has appeared on The Scope, The Fix, The Washington Post, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, and many others. Follow Pauline on Twitter, Instagram @pauline_campos, and Facebook @paulinemcampos. You can also check out, the blog she sometimes remembers to update.

Latest by Pauline Campos

Woman drawing and coloring to avoid skin picking.

Obsessive Skin Picking is Much More Than a Bad Habit

Dermatillomania, or obsessive skin-picking may seem like a bad habit, but it’s not, and you are not alone in living with it.

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Why Eye Contact Can Be So Distressing

Research shows some avoid eye contact because it causes anxiety rather than because they lack empathy.