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How to Prevent Odor Associated With Incontinence and UTIs

One of the biggest issues I deal with in the summer time is an increase in odor. In addition to both stress and urge incontinence, I also am prone to bladder infections. My body is so used to this that I rarely have the typical symptom for most peopl...

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Finding a Physical Therapist for Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPPS)

Some time ago there was a post entitled “Why Choose a Women’s Health Physical Therapist?” There were many reasons listed for this and I agreed with most or all of them. However men with pelvic floor dysfunction (or in my case, pelvic/voiding pain), h...

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Questions about Catheters for Incontinence

I received a message from a member of asking me several questions about catheters. Specifically, this individual suffers from overflow incontinence and is considering using a Foley catheter at night to keep his/her bladder emp...

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Managing Incontinence: Are You Winter Saavy?

As the change in seasons is rapidly approaching, I thought I might share some coping strategies for dealing with the various forms of incontinence during the winter months. Just as we change what we wear, we need to adjust our strategies for staying ...

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Botox for Urge Incontinence: How It's Done

I’ve written many SharePosts about the efficacy of Botox for urge incontinence. In reviewing my posts, I realized I’ve never provided information about the procedure itself. Most procedures use about 200 to 300 units of Botox injected about 10 units ...

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Foley and Non-Foley Catheters - "Cathing" with Care

Those of us suffering from the many forms of urinary incontinence may find ourselves faced with the possibility having to use a catheter (“cathing”) for a period of time. I know many of you are probably familiar with these (unfortunately), but I thou...

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Staying Dry: Summertime Tips and Tricks

I just got back from a family reunion on the Gulf Coast and, while I’ve just had Botox injections into my bladder to control my urge incontinence, I still have to deal with stress incontinence, which the Botox does not address. As most of us know, th...