Phyllisa Deroze

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Phyllisa Deroze is a prominent online health advocate for Type 2 diabetes and a professor of American Literature with a special interest in the connections between literature, feminism, and health. She is a Fulbright Scholar Alumna who enjoys writing professionally about type 2 diabetes for academic and mainstream audiences. After being diagnosed with Type 2 in 2011, she noticed that there was a lack of culturally competent information for African Americans and started blogging at ‪ and to fill the gap.  Phyllisa is dynamic speaker and health motivator who offers free diabetes workshops annually in her hometown of Pompano Beach, Florida as a part of her commitment to community outreach. She is currently working on a project that examines the connections between food, culture, and type 2 diabetes among underrepresented groups.

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It was hard to change my lifelong eating habits after my type 2 diagnosis. Here are three things I struggle with, and how I get back on track after a slip-up.