PJ Hamel

Patient Expert

PJ Hamel is senior digital content editor and food writer at King Arthur Flour, and a James Beard award-winning author. A 16-year breast cancer survivor, her passion is helping women through this devastating disease. She manages a large and active online survivor support network based at her local hospital and shares her wisdom and experience with the greater community via HealthCentral.com.

Conditions Covered:Breast Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Lung Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Brain Cancer, Cancer, Kidney Disease

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"Take the time to look deep into yourself for the treatment option that feels right. If you need help, ask your doctor if there's a service at the hospital that deals with medical decision-making; and if there is, use it."

The Simple Pleasures of Survivorship

“Cancer forces you to stop. Everything is put on hold as you go through weeks or months of treatment. It’s impossible to work at the same pace, with the same intensity, that you did before your diagnosis.”

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How to Say Goodbye When Someone Has Metastatic Breast Cancer

The time has come when it’s apparent that all the good medical care in the world hasn’t taken away this person’s illness and, barring a miracle (medical or spiritual), they’re going to die. What do you say?