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Skin Health

How Does Eczema Affect Your Overall Health?

Doctors are finding more and more evidence of the deeper and broader health impacts of eczema.

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How to Start An Elimination Diet for Eczema

Knowing which foods to include is just as important as knowing which to leave out with an eczema elimination diet. Here's how to figure it out.

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Skin Health

How to Fight Workout-Related Eczema Flares

While exercise is great for your body, it can wreak havoc on your skin if you have eczema.

Eczema of the scalp, causing itchy head.
Living With

Skin Products That Won’t Cause Eczema Flare-Ups

A key step in your beauty routine should be treating your skin with the right products.

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Skin Health

Phototherapy for Severe Eczema: Pros and Cons

Phototherapy can be effective for those who haven’t found relief with other treatments for severe eczema.

Susan and Mark Rosen
Advanced Stages

Metastatic Breast Cancer: Learning to Cope

The emotional difference from stage I to stage IV breast cancer can be vast. Learning to let go of what you can’t control is the first step in helping you cope.

Jen Campisano
Five Questions

Metastatic Breast Cancer Overturned Her Life

Jen Campisano was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer but new lumps changed everything – except her resolve to live her best life possible.

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Moving? Welcome Home to New Allergies

Tips to survive new-to-you allergens on your next move, business trip, or vacation.

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6 Simple Changes to Outsmart Your Allergies

How many of these six tips are you using to outsmart your allergies?

Mother In Nursery Suffering From Post Natal Depression

Save a Life: Postpartum Depression Symptoms

Is someone you love at risk for postpartum and perinatal mood disorder?