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Manage Your Child's Meltdown

Whether your child has ADHD, or is just exhibiting typical childish behavior, you’re probably going to face a public meltdown at some point. Use these five tips to bring your child–and yourself–back to normal quickly.

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10 Myths About ADHD

According to Certified Social Worker Terry Matlen, common myths about ADHD persist despite clear evidence against them. In this slideshow, Matlen addresses the 10 most common notions about ADHD that people mistakenly believe.

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6 Ways You Unknowingly Sabotage Your Diet

If you find you’re going up and down the scales more than a concert pianist, it’s probably because you’re being your own worst diet enemy.

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10 Tips for Keeping a House Clean Despite ADHD

Books and websites offer a lot of advice on how you should clean, but only you know what’s most useful in your home. Sit down and make a list of the things that need to be clean in order to keep your family safe and everybody happy. You may find that ...

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How to Reduce Distractions at Work

Even the most productive worker has to battle work-day distractions, but for people who have ADHD, those minutes lost to non work-related tasks can add up to hours wasted. If you find that you’re ending each work day with a longer “to-do” list than y...

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The 10 Best Questions When Searcing for an ADHD-Friendly Camp

Many parents prefer their kids to go to day camps for financial and practical reasons, but every year, thousands of kids spend a week or more at sleepaway camp, too. Knowing what camps appeal to you and your child can help you determine what kind of ...

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6 Ways to Manage Your Child's Video or Computer Game Addiction

A 2007 study found that as many as 5 million children in the United States are addicted to online or video games, and ADHD kids may be particularly vulnerable.

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Seven Ways to Winterize Your Workouts

Winter doesn’t have to relegate you to endless cycles on the treadmill. In fact, winter can be a great time to revamp your workouts and get ready for spring, but it does take some planning.

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8 Energy Zappers

Is exhaustion keeping you from exercising and eating a healthy diet? The culprit may surprise you.

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7 Mistakes You May Be Making on Your Low-Carb Diet

Cutting down on processed carbs is a popular way to manage blood sugar and to drop excess fat, but even the most devout low carber can make mistakes.