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Dawnia Baynes

Meet an 'MS Mama'

Dawnia Baynes was diagnosed with MS in her 20s. Now 40, she’s become a rock for LA teens who have the condition.

Senior man getting eye exam

They've Got Their Eyes on You: Meet Your AMD Team

You do not have to navigate the world of advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD) alone. These are the doctors and specialists who will get you through.

Young woman with cane walking through data center

Secondary Progressive MS: The Basics

Not everyone with multiple sclerosis reaches this stage of the disease, and some people don't even realize it when they do. Find out the symptoms to look for and what to expect with SPMS.

senior woman putting on makeup in mirror
Living With

7 Ways to Have an Easier Day With Low Vision

From cooking to pet care, we’ve got advice on how to make daily tasks a little easier when you have advanced age-related macular degeneration.

Mother helping her daughter with homework.

Therapy Tips

We asked three experts for their best advice. Here’s what they said.