Sabrina Skiles

Sabrina Skiles

Patient Advocate

Sabrina Skiles is a lifestyle and psoriasis blogger, who was also diagnosed with breast cancer just two days after her 35th birthday. She created her blog, Homegrown Houston as a lifestyle resource for millennial women and those living with chronic conditions. She shares daily inspiration from health and wellness, motherhood and marriage to managing a chronic disease while living a stylish life. Sabrina is also a volunteer mentor, coach and social ambassador for the National Psoriasis Foundation. You can find her sharing #chemolife and psoriasis tips while living a stylish life on Instagram @sabrinaskiles.

Latest Articles by Sabrina Skiles

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Tales From the Chemo Chair

The Gift of Wisdom for the Holiday Season

Some of the best presents don’t come in boxes. Let these insightful nuggets inspire and guide you straight into the New Year.

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Tales From the Chemo Chair

Living With Uncertainty

Given what you’ve been through, life after breast cancer treatment should be a breeze. But dealing with the unknown is hard.

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How to Be the Best Dressed in the Room (With Psoriasis)

Prevent itchy fall flares—and look fly doing it—with these fashion do's and don'ts.

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Tales From the Chemo Chair

A Newbie’s Guide to the Breast Cancer World

Just diagnosed? You are so not alone. Sabrina Skiles is here to introduce you to your new family.

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Tales From the Chemo Chair

How I Got Through Radiation Therapy

What’s more fun than chemo and surgery? How about daily doses of radiation therapy! Sabrina Skiles shares her hard-won advice on how to keep calm and radiate on.

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Tales From the Chemo Chair

Celebrating One Year as a Breast Cancer Survivor

Where did the time go? Oh right—surgery, chemo, radiation, moving houses, raising kids, COVID. Here's what I've learned, 12 months on.

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Tales From the Chemo Chair

What to Do When Chemo Is Delayed

Wait, what? That can really happen? Yes, sister, it can. Stick with me and I’ll tell you what to do and why it’s more important than ever to stand up for yourself.

Tales From the Chemo Chair

Building My Support Network

Also known as how I'm handling cancer, chemo, motherhood, marriage, and a move—all at once.