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10 Small Ways to Burn Calories

How can you find time to fit in more activity into your already busy life? How are some suggestions for adding workouts into your everyday life.

7 Myths About Obesity

With an epidemic as widespread as obesity, there is bound to be a misconception or two on how to treat it. The New England Journal of Medicine published a list of seven common beliefs about obesity that are not supported by sound scientific evidence.


9 Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As You Think

Food marketing can be very persuasive. But not every food that is labeled to suggest it’s healthy–whatever healthy means at the moment – is actually going to nourish your body the way you expect it to.

Probiotics: Just another health trend?

(flickr, Nathan Reading) Probiotics has been a buzzword in the health market just long enough that consumers recognize the name but don’t quite understand what they are or what they do. Allow us to shed some light on the subject. Nobel laureate Elie ...

Review: Van's Foods cereals and other snacks

For health writers, a typical day can find us writing about things like Botox injections to the stomach or even about space travel possibly causing Alzheimer’s disease . But every once in a while we get a chance to review new foods on the market. Las...

When and How to Stretch: Myth vs. Fact

(flickr, hey mr glen) For many of us, stretching seems like a necessary annoyance before and after a workout, but one that we would never, ever skip. (Read: We skip it all the time). It is true that the benefits of stretching are in constant debate, ...

What Can a Mouse Tell Us About Human Health?

Quite a lot, actually. The common house mouse has been used for decades to develop new drugs because their genome and immune system is a lot like ours.


The Health Benefits of Oil

Don’t be afraid of oils. There are many delicious oils that are also very healthy; in moderation, of course.

What Does BMI Really Tell You?

There is a lot of buzz about Body Mass Index (BMI), but what does the number actually tell you about your health?

10 Study-Based New Year's Resolutions

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet? Make sure science is on your side this year.