Sarah Markel, Health Writer

Sarah wrote for HealthCentral as a health writer for Psoriasis and Chronic Dry Eye.

Chronic Dry Eye and Contact Lenses

A common assumption is that people who have dry eye cannot wear contact lenses. Contact lenses add many potential variables to an already complex condition.
Sarah Markel

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

Allergies, lifestyle, age and hormonal changes each can trigger dry eye, a reduction in the amount or quality of tears we produce. The National Eye Institute lists a number of symptoms.
Sarah Markel

What Causes Chronic Dry Eye?

Dry eye results from either not having enough tears to keep the eye moist, or not producing the right quality of tears to protect the eye and prevent evaporation. In either case, the result is that dry, gritty feeling that just won’t go away.
Sarah Markel

Tests for Dry Eye Syndrome

It’s important to get an accurate diagnosis of dry eye syndrome because treatment usually involves a combination of prevention, figuring out what provides relief and addressing underlying conditions that could harm eye health.
Sarah Markel