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Sloane Miller, MFA, MSW, LMSW, specialist in food allergy management and author, is founder and President of Allergic Girl Resources, Inc., a consultancy devoted to food allergy awareness. She consults with private clients, the healthcare, food, and hospitality industries, government and not-for-profit advocacy organizations. In 2006, Ms. Miller started Please Don't Pass the Nuts, an award-winning blog for and about people affected by food allergies. In 2011, John Wiley & Sons published Ms. Miller's book, Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well With Food Allergies, the definitive how-to guide. Ms. Miller combines a lifetime of personal experience and passion with professional expertise to connect with people about how to live safely, effectively, and joyously with food allergies.

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sad woman in black and white touching face

How Skin and Mood Are Linked

Did you know skin health is connected to our mood? Learn about the fascinating link between your skin, the nervous system, and mood disorders.

Prolific artist seeking treatment for depression.

Depression and Creativity: Is There a Link?

Some of the world's most creative souls have died by suicide. Sloan Miller examines the relationship between depression and creativity and shares where to go for help.

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What To Do With Expired Asthma Inhalers

I went on a field trip to Poughkeepsie New York to the Culinary Institute of America last week. I went to meet a Chef colleague and have lunch with their student food allergy group. Poughkeepsie is about 90 minutes by train from New York City. Halfwa...

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How to Avoid Common Holiday Asthma Triggers

Holidays are here and with the holidays come some staples: parties, drinking and fruitcake. If you have asthma, there are some holiday pitfalls to keep in mind like parties, drinking and maybe even fruitcake. So before you reach for that puff on a ce...

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10 Holiday Gift Do's for People With Allergies

So you’ve probably read my suggestions for what NOT to buy your allergic friends, relatives and acquaintances. Now for 10 PLUS Dos that will be much more appreciated Make sure to give them a gift receipt for easy returns: 1. Apparel alternatives. If ...

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8 Gift DON'Ts For the Holidays

That time – you know that special, hair-raising, stressful, economic-crisis has hit, stores are jammed, I can’t find anything anyone would really want, what-do-I-get-for-them, gift-giving time – is now only a few weeks away. Add to that the friend yo...

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Is there Milk in Your Clothing? Watch Out for Allergenic Fabrics

In this current economic climate, serious belt tightening is in order. However, after all of my fall cleaning, yes I did that too, I was left with gaps in my wardrobe. I had given away so much that I no longer wore, no longer fit, or was too-seven-ye...

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If It's Fall, This Must Be Eczema

When I put on blush recently, I noticed a half inch patch of under-the-eye-eczema --a sure sign that the cold weather has begun. So when I got home that evening, even though it was late, I massaged in some olive oil. Yes. Olive oil. On eczema. What i...

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Allergy and Asthma as Chronic Illness

There are several new voices about living with chronic illness: Jenni’s Chronic Babe, Kris’s Crazy Sexy Cancer, and Laurie Edwards author of Life Disrupted: Getting Real about Chronic Illness in your Twenties and Thirties. I read Edwards’ books and w...

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Eric and Evan Edwards and their "EpiCard" Epinephrine Delivery System

Identical twins Eric and Evan Edwards both have severe food allergies and they have been developing a new type of epinephrine delivery system they call an EpiCard. They started their privately-held company, Intelliject, straight out of college with f...