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Painting with "Green" Paints

The beginning of September has been “refresh my apartment time.” According to New York law, rented apartments are due a painting by the landlord every three years. I haven’t had my apt painted since the summer of 2004 and it showed: the ceiling was c...

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Managing Latex and Adhesive Allergies Before Surgery

This month, I’m going in for an arthroscopic knee procedure. I’ve had a few day surgeries and outpatient procedures and I always bring up allergies and asthma early on. As in, “I have asthma, keep an eye on my breathing during the procedure please” a...

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Fruit Juice May Interfere With Your Medication

Do you remember the story that came out a few years back, about mixing grapefruit juice and certain medications and how it was a big no-no? According to the University of Florida, Center for Food-Drug Interaction Research and Education: “Grapefruit j...

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Ragweed Allergies Linked to "Itchy Throat" (or Oral Allergy Syndrome)

So, I left my office for a stroll in the summer sunshine, to breathe in some fresh air and stretch my legs and within five minutes my nose was stuffed, my mouth, tongue and lips were itchy and the insides of my ears were itchy too. What was going on? ...

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Allergies, Colds, Bronchitis? It's Not So Easy to Tell the Difference

A few weeks back the New York Times ran a column in their health section called “The Claim: It’s a Cold. No, It’s an Allergy.” Guess what? Symptoms of seasonal allergies and colds overlap. The column looks to new studies to tell the actual difference...

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Neti Pot: It just might work

OK, truth time. I’ve been meaning to write about the Neti pot since January. It’s taken me that long to get over my resistance to flushing out my sinus cavities with a saline solution. The Ick Factor First: Why did I take so long to try it? There is ...

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"100 Questions & Answers About Your Child's Asthma" book review

I’ve been reading 100 Questions & Answers about Your Child’s Asthma by Claudia Plottel, MD and B Robert Feldman, MD. (Full disclosure: Dr Feldman was my pediatric allergist and is a relative). The book is an excellent primer for parents of newly ...

Bottles of nail polish in different colors.

Vegan, Allergy-Free Nail Polish

Nail polish has joined the trend towards low-chemical, natural, organic, and even vegan, new products are coming out all the time.

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Mold Allergies and My Trip to Bermuda

As many of us will be taking summer trips, this will be the first in a series about traveling with allergies and asthma during highly allergic months. Ironically after learning all about mold, I travel for a weekend getaway to mold central: Bermuda. ...

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Workplace allergies

Workplace allergy is real According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology as reported by the New York Times: “Workplace allergy, specifically occupational asthma, accounts for about 10 percent of asthma cases in the United States ...