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Brain damage.

The Information Concussion Patients Aren't Getting

Researchers find millions of mTBI patients lack sufficient follow-up education or care.

Senior man sleeping.

Maybe You Should Hit Snooze on Weekends After All

Researchers say weekend catch-up sleep may actually help overall wellness.

Woman smoking a cigarette.

Lung Cancer More Prevalent in Young Women

A new study explores why lung cancer seems to be declining among men faster than in women.

Eczema on the wrist.

Severe Eczema May Raise Heart Disease Risk

A diagnosis of severe and active atopic eczema may moderately increase risk of cardiovascular disease, conditions that affect your heart and blood vessels.

Healthy low-fat meal.

Can a Low-Fat Diet Impact Breast Cancer Survival?

A study in JAMA Oncology found that overall breast cancer survival was higher for women who ate a lower-fat diet than those who ate a “usual diet.”

Unhappy woman looking down.

Depression More Likely in African-Americans and Latinos

A report published in Preventive Medicine shows that African-Americans and Latinos experience more depression than whites.

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Treatment for Eating and Speaking Troubles

Head and neck cancer treatments can lead to difficulties with eating and communicating. These are some of the therapies that can help.

Various types of pills.

Side Effect of Treating Depression: Medications May Cause Weight Gain

A new observational study in The BMJ confirms that use of antidepressant medications may cause weight gain over at least five years.

Lonely man sitting on a bench near the sea.

Owners of a Lonely Heart at Higher Risk for Hospitalization or Early Death

Patients diagnosed with heart failure who are also socially isolated and feeling lonely are more likely to be hospitalized or die, according to a new study.

Baby teething.

FDA Warns Against OTC Teething Products with Benzocaine

The FDA warns that children 2 and younger should not be given teething pain-relief products containing benzocaine, a local anesthetic and numbing agent.