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Woman crossing a city street.

Quicken Your Pace for Longer Life

Walking at an average or fast pace is associated with a reduced risk of all-cause mortality as well as of cardiovascular disease.

Man sleeping happily in bed.

Sleep Seven Hours for a Young Heart

Seven appears to be the magic number for sleep during a 24-hour period, while sleeping less or more may increase heart age.

Pill bottles with medications spilling out.
Cost of Care

Opioid-Related Deaths An Enormous Burden

The percentage of deaths due to opioids increased nearly 300 percent from 2001 to 2016, says new research in JAMA Network Open.

Hand rejecting cigarettes.

Former Smoker? Get Screened for Lung Cancer

Congrats on quitting smoking, but your risk of lung cancer is still elevated. Here's why you should be vigilant about lung cancer screening.

Group of friends laughing.

If You Want to be Happy: Involve Other People

New research says that time socializing with family, friends, and neighbors increased life satisfaction ratings.

Various supplements on a leaf.

Think Twice Before Supplement Shopping

Study finds many supplements provide few advantages to wellness (but also, no risk).

Brain damage.

The Information Concussion Patients Aren't Getting

Researchers find millions of mTBI patients lack sufficient follow-up education or care.

Senior man sleeping.

Maybe You Should Hit Snooze on Weekends After All

Researchers say weekend catch-up sleep may actually help overall wellness.

Woman smoking a cigarette.

Lung Cancer More Prevalent in Young Women

A new study explores why lung cancer seems to be declining among men faster than in women.

Eczema on the wrist.

Severe Eczema May Raise Heart Disease Risk

A diagnosis of severe and active atopic eczema may moderately increase risk of cardiovascular disease, conditions that affect your heart and blood vessels.