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Stephanie Watson has written about consumer health for nearly two decades. Her work has been featured in such publications as WebMD Magazine, Healthline, Harvard Health Publications, and Arthritis Today.

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Older person depressed staring at floor.

How to Lift Late-Life Depression

Many older adults mistakenly believe their sadness is a normal part of aging. But untreated late-life depression can intensify. Here’s how to find help.

Surgical team in operating room
Family Health History

The Truth About Surgery to Prevent Breast Cancer

If you were diagnosed with cancer in one breast, would you have the other, healthy breast removed as well? More woman are doing so. Here’s what to know.

man rubbing on topical NSAID cream

Do NSAID Creams Help Arthritis Pain?

Medicine that you can apply to your skin may have as strong a pain-relieving effect as those of oral drugs and may be safer.

heart rhythm

Wearable Defibrillator Vest: Pros and Cons

A wearable cardioverter defibrillator vest can be a short-term solution to prevent sudden cardiac death. Find out if you might be a good candidate.

menopause "brain fog"

Brain Fog: Could It Be Menopause?

Many women aren’t prepared for the cognitive problems menopause can cause, including issues with memory and concentration.

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Menopause: 6 Ways to Preserve Memory

You don’t have to live with frustrating memory slips related to menopause. Here are six things you can do to preserve your memory.

Menopause Sleep

Menopause: 7 Ways to Get Some Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can become difficult as you get older and find yourself combatting menopause symptoms. Try these tips for better slumber.

Should You Take a Fish Oil Supplement?

Should You Take a Fish Oil Supplement?

If you have heart failure or had a recent heart attack, omega-3 fish oil supplements could be a potentially lifesaving addition to your pillbox.

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Stop Migraines Before They Start

If you have frequent migraines, you may be a good candidate for preventive medicines. Here’s what to know.