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Stephanie Wood is a award-winning freelance writer and former magazine editor specializing in health, nutrition, wellness, and parenting.

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doctor checking back

Let’s Talk About Shingles Diagnosis and Treatment

Recovery is easier if you start treatment before the telltale rash appears. Here's how to know if you have it.

stressed and achy

Let’s Talk About Shingles Signs and Symptoms

This condition features a painful skin rash that can results in serious complications. But what if you could spot the virus coming, before the first red bump even appeared?

shingles closeup

Let's Talk About Shingles

We've got the doctor-approved scoop on the causes, symptoms, treatments, and a jillion other facts and tips that can make life with shingles easier.

colon x-ray

Let’s Talk About Crohn’s Disease Tests and Diagnosis

It would be great if a single exam could confirm if you have Crohn’s. Naturally, it’s not that simple—but the tests below can work together to provide a clearer picture of your health.

sinus passages

Let's Talk About Nose and Sinus Cancers Signs and Symptoms

When is it more than just a sinus infection? We've got the answers to that and everything else you need to know about these rare but dangerous diseases.


Let's Talk About Throat Cancer Causes

This challenging disease is almost entirely preventable, once you know what's behind it. Here's what experts say are the major risk factors.

tonsils and throat

Let's Talk About HPV and Throat Cancer

For generations, the leading cause of throat cancer was tobacco. Not anymore. Here’s what the experts have to say about a whole new threat to your health.

jaw highlight

Let’s Talk About Jaw Cancer

Unlike some hard-to-diagnose cancers, you can often see tumors of the jaw. If you do, check out these details on what steps to take next.

tonsil check

Let’s Talk About Tonsil Cancer

We’ve got the doctor-approved details on the causes, symptoms, and treatments of this news-making disease so you can stay one step ahead of it.

asymmetrical throat pain

Let's Talk About Throat Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Throat cancer can mimic lots of other everyday ailments, so don't get fooled. We've got the doctor-approved scoop on the red flags that signal real trouble.