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Sue Byrne, M.S., was a senior editor at HealthCentral. She helped launch its sister website,, in 2016 after spending more than a dozen years at Consumer Reports, where she was a senior editor covering health and food topics, from diet supplements to the Zika virus. She has also served as a writer and editor at Reader’s Digest, Parade Publications, and daily newspapers in Illinois and New York.

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African American man eating a burger in a restaurant.

What's Your Risk for Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer, also called gastric cancer, tends to develop slowly over many years. Test your knowledge to see if you’re at risk for the cancer.

Senior man blowing into a spirometer for a spirometry test.
Living With

Questions to Ask Your Doctor About COPD

If you have COPD, you’re probably more satisfied with the quality of your health care when you have the chance to ask your doctor questions. This quiz could help you start that conversation during your next visit.

Woman gets a flu vaccine.
Risk Factors

How to Pick the Best Flu Shot for You

Getting an annual flu shot will cut your chances of coming down with the illness by about half. HealthCentral talked to a flu expert about this year’s vaccine.

Woman getting flu shot at pharmacy counter image.
Risk Factors

When Is It Too Early to Get a Flu Shot?

Getting vaccinated for the flu in late summer, particularly for older adults, may mean less protection from the virus as flu season ramps up in the winter.

Solar eclipse.

Dos and Don'ts for the Solar Eclipse

Don’t look directly at the sun, even very briefly, without the correct eye protection during the partial solar eclipse. Use these tips to stay safe.

Mother helping sick daughter blow her nose.

Is It a Cold or the Flu?

When you’re suffering from nasal congestion and fatigue, it can be tough to determine whether you have an ordinary cold or something more serious like the flu.