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Meet Will Cross: Explorer and Mountaineer with Type 1 Diabetes

In May 2006, Will Cross became the first American with Type 1 diabetes to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest point on earth. This alone is an amazing feat, but for Cross it was the capstone of a much greater achievement: successfully summ...

My Cross-Country Race Breakdown

So, today I ran in one of my last high school cross country races. You would think that I have perfected the art of managing blood sugars for this event by now, but no such luck. However, there are a few things I do as “standard preparation” for each ...

Worst Jobs for Diabetics

Just for fun… I thought I would compile this list. You know how on aol and other sites they occasionally have random features like “Top 10 worst foods” or “Top 5 highest paying jobs,” etc., etc.? There are some jobs that you actually are not allowed ...