Tammy Rome

Tammy Rome

Patient Advocate

Headache disorders counselor and advocate Tammy Rome maintains a private practice specializing in treating clients with Migraine and other headache disorders. She also volunteers as vice chair of the American Headache and Migraine Association and as president of The Cluster Headache Support Group.

Latest Articles by Tammy Rome

Family eating a holiday meal at a dinner table.

Setting Priorities for a Migraine-Free Holiday

For years, the author wore herself out trying to make the holidays perfect, which only aggravated her migraines. Finally, she learned what she needed to do (and not to do) to stay healthy.

Pensive woman in black and white photo.

Decoding Depression: When It's More Than Just Sadness

Loss of energy and pleasure in once enjoyed activities are a few of the number of reasons sadness may actually be depression.

Child with migraine struggling with school work.

Special Education Services for Students With Migraine

Loud noises, strong smells, bright lights, tight schedules, and inflexible due dates fill our children’s schools. Learn how to help your child succeed as a student.


Migraine Patients and Doctors Team Up at Headache on the Hill

I wake up every day thinking of migraine disease and the people it affects. I spend my days writing, researching, educating, and coaching. It’s solitary work — most of which goes unnoticed — but I don’t do for attention. I do it for the millions of c...

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3 in the Bed: Make Room for Migraine in Your Marriage

I’ve lost count of the number of weekend getaways, date nights, and anniversaries that have been postponed or cancelled because of migraine. Although my husband and I knew I had migraine when we married, we had no idea how much it would affect our li...


7 Ways to Avoid Migraine When Fasting

Each year I have a physical involving a blood test to screen for diabetes. Diabetes runs in my family, so this is not a test I want to skip. Unfortunately, it requires an eight hour fast. Because fasting is a big migraine trigger, every year I dreade...