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Terry wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for ADHD.

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20 Common Symptoms of ADD and ADHD in Women

Many ADD or ADHD symptoms are commonly described by women but not listed in clinical journals. Here are 20 of them.

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Hitting Rock Bottom

Typically, by the time an adult with ADHD has come to me for help, it’s because he has hit rock bottom. His work performance is suffering and his job is in jeopardy. His ADHD symptoms have gotten him into too much hot water, whether it’s from being c...

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Feeling Impulsive? Read this First

My guess is that the title of this piece drew you in because you’re the type of person, probably one with the “hyperactive/impulsive” component to your brand of ADHD, who is apt to jump into an activity, project or life experience that has been dange...

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Hate Waiting? 10 Survival Tips for the Bored and Impatient

Do these things make you crazy impatient? Waiting in line Getting stuck in traffic Long car rides Sitting through movies Waiting for people to get to the point? One reason why people with ADHD tend to be impatient is because of their hyperactivity, i...

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ADHD: The Invisible "Disability"

While reading Eileen Bailey’s recent SharePost, “When People Stare”, it felt like someone punched me square in the stomach… and on a number of different levels. Having a child with ADHD means you, as a parent, more than likely experienced very simila...

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When and How to Reveal Your ADHD (and when not to)

Over the years, I’ve had many people ask me how to go about explaining to their boss, partner, friends and family their ADHD diagnosis. Often times, these are folks who have recently been evaluated for ADHD and are eager to explain their lifetime dif...

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Accident Prone Kids and ADHD

Many parents of children with ADHD will report that they’d taken their child to the ER more times than they care to remember. New studies coming out are now showing a correlation between early injuries and later diagnosis of ADHD. One such study rece...

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10 Tips for Parents of ADHD Kids: How to Keep your Marriage Healthy and Alive

In my previous SharePost, “Children with ADHD and Marital Stress”, I discussed how raising a child with ADHD or other special challenges puts a strain in even the most stable of marriages. Recent studies show that such marriages are at a higher risk ...

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One Good Reason Why You Shouldn't Procrastinate

I know, I know. The boxes, papers, clothes and dishes are piled sky high. You WANT to take care of it, but it’s just impossible to get started. Where do you start? How do you motivate yourself to tackle these endless, boring chores? ADHD, as I’ve alw...

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How to Be a Better Listener: 15 Tips to help you Stay Connected

Distractions. Inattention. Boredom. A woman with ADHD once told me that when she is in a conversation with someone and if the topic at hand isn’t of much interest to her, she - like many with ADHD - zones out. As she put it, “I see their mouth moving ...