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Todd wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Digestive Health.

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Q&A: Endoscopy for Ulcer?

I just got back from a Caribbean cruise on which I went to the bathroom and had watery, black stools. I was rushed to St Maarten Hospital and had an endoscopy where I was told that I had an ulcer in my stomach but that I needed to have another endosc...

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Q&A: Is Coumadin Safe for Colitis?

My ulcerative colitis has been stable on Asacol. I recently was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and my cardiologist put me on Coumadin. Is that safe with my colitis? Coumadin is a blood thinner that decreases the risk of stroke in patients with at...

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Q&A: Asacol for Ulcerative Colitis Not Being Digested

I take Asacol for my Ulcerative Colitis, and at times notice the pill come out in my stool undigested. Is this normal? Passing Asacol tablets in the stool is not an uncommon occurrence. Sometimes just the shell of the pill comes out undissolved, but ...

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Q&A: What Are the Risks of Esophagus Dilatations?

My GERD has caused a narrowing in my esophagus that has caused difficulty swallowing, especially solids. I have undergone a few dilatations of my esophagus which has improved my symptoms. How often can I have the procedure, and does the risk increase ...

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Abdominal Bloating After Ulcerative Colitis Remission

I am a 52 year old female with ulcerative colitis and have been in remission for a few years. Of late, I have been experiencing abdominal bloating, weight gain and some difficulty moving my bowels. I had a colonoscopy a few months ago and everything ...

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Is Fleet Phosphosoda Safe?

I have chronic ulcerative colitis and undergo yearly colonoscopy. I previously have taken a fleet phosphosoda prep. I have heard that this might not be safe. What are my options? As most people who undergo colonoscopy will attest to, the worst part o...

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Dr. Eisner Answers Your Questions About Acid Reflux

Can Ultram cause or worsen symptoms of GERD? Ultram is a centrally acting pain relief medication that is commonly taken for chronic pain conditions, specifically back pain and arthritis. Ultram has many adverse effects, including gastrointestinal sid...

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Dr. Eisner Answers Your GERD Questions: Throat and Ear Pain

Dr. I have throat pain, hoarseness and an earache that won’t go away. I do suffer from heartburn. Can the throat and ear pain be a result of GERD? While it is not uncommon for gastroesophageal reflux disease to cause sore throat and hoarseness as wel...

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Dr. Eisner Answers Your GERD Questions: Swallowing Difficulty

I have been experiencing a lot of difficulty swallowing and underwent an endoscopy that was normal. What can this be? While it was correct to undergo an upper endoscopy to look for structural lesions to explain difficulty swallowing such as cancers a...

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Microscopic, Ischemic and Ulcerative Colitis - similarities and differences

The definition of colitis is inflammation of the colon. There are many different ways that inflammation can present and manifest itself. There are also many different causes of inflammation of the colon or colitis. Ulcerative colitis is an ulcerative ...