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Let's Talk About Talcum Powder

Talc is found in a wide variety of consumer products ranging from cosmetics to garden pesticides. Because talc is resistant to moisture, it is also used by the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture medications and is a listed ingredient of some anta...

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Play It Safe When Buying Eyeshadow

Whether you are a busy mom on the go or a business professional, you want to look your best. When shopping for eyeshadow we usually shop for shades that complement your skin and eye color. But have you ever wondered just what ingredients are in your ...

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Does Your Mascara Contain Toxic Ingredients ?

Shopping for mascara can be overwhelming, Not only will mascara choices vary, but brush length and shapes too. Mascara comes in thickening formulas, lengthening formulas and anti-clumping formulas. Some brushes can be curved, long and straight, or sh...

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Choosing The Safest Deodorant

First let’s talk about perspiration. Perspiration itself is almost odorless. Most of the odor that accompanies perspiration is caused by the action of bacteria. Deodorants reduce this odor in one of three ways: by preventing the action of bacteria on ...

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Nanotechnology and Cosmetics

Nanotechnology is the next new thing in cosmetics and skincare. As if there weren’t enough concerns about the toxicity of cosmetic chemicals, manufacturers are rushing to incorporate nanotechnology that uses particles 80,000 times smaller than the wi...

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How to Increase Collagen By Eating the Right Foods

When you pass the cosmetic counter these days, all you seem to see are anti-wrinkle creams. Do these products actually work and do they really keep your skin looking younger? The anti aging industry is a huge business. Many of us want to look younger...

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Photosensitive Citrus Essential Oils

There’s nothing like the clean, refreshing scent of citrus oils to awaken the senses. But there is a great deal to learn before buying any essential oils - especially citrus oils. Quality is always important, but when it comes to citrus, it’s absolut...