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Fear and MS

Fear is not listed as an MS symptom, but it could be.

Smoking and MS

Smoking and MS have a poor relationship. Smoking cigarettes affects the Central Nervous System, and for MSers, that system is already seriously struggling. Today I am writing about the unique and constant relationship of smoking and MS as I understan...

Is Multiple Sclerosis Hereditary?

While genetics have been shown, through many years of research, to be a factor for MS, environmental and immunological factors are influential as well.

Bed, MS and Me, Part II

Bedridden to me means daily hygiene, medication, physical needs, and degrees of disability, but abilities, too - all in bed. It is confinement, dependence and boredom, and, it is also a time to rest and recuperate, read and write, watch television an...

Menopause and MS: My Perspective

Today I will talk about Menopause and MS. Menopause is like MS in that it is an individual condition, with different symptoms and individual reactions. What happens when these two conditions meet? Menopause naturally occurs for women between ages 45 ...

RRMS and PPMS - A Comparison, Part II

Only 10 percent of people with multiple sclerosis are affected by the Primary Progressive type. Here is a comparison between PPMS and Relapsing Remitting MS (RRMS).

RRMS and PPMS - A Comparison, Part I

Part one of a comparison between Primary Progressive MS (PPMS) and compare this type of MS with Relapsing/Remitting MS (RRMS), the most common type.

MS Central Question of the Week

If a friend just found out he has MS, what would you tell him? When I was first diagnosed, the National MS Society pointed me to a support group in my area. Most of us were newly diagnosed and we had more questions than answers. We treated symptoms a...

Finding Happiness in MS

We all want to be happy, but some of us MSers think happiness is no longer an option. MS and depression have a well-known relationship. An estimated 40 to 60 percent of MS patients live with depression sometime during our lifetimes. But there is no s...

Suicide and Multiple Sclerosis

Although MS is not a fatal disease, severe depression accounts for 3 to 15 percent of MS deaths by suicide.