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Food and MS: Tools, Utensils, and Counter Top Utensils

Kitchen appliances broaden our cooking experiences and make cooking easier. Decide which are worth it for you.

Food and MS: Beginning to Prepare your Kitchen

The first step after you decide not to let the MS monster keep you from preparing a meal for yourself or your family again is to get the kitchen ready. It doesn’t have to be done all at once, but these are things to keep in mind. Today I am talking a...

Aging with MS

There are 400,000 MSers in the U.S. In 2004, approximately 45% of them were over 55. A Population Tsunami is predicted over the next four decades and there is no reason to believe the number of MSers will not continue to grow proportionally with the ...

Mobility Aids: Privately-Owned Transport Cars and Wheelchairs

There are new cars and adaptations being developed all the time. If you want to drive, don’t give up too quickly. There may be hope yet.

MS Heroes: Dr. Jean Martin Charcot

Everyone has heroes. I know I do. Some of mine are MS heroes. I plan, from time to time, to share my MS heroes with you, tell a bit about who they are and how they are important in the MS world. My first MS Hero is Dr. Jean Martin Charcot (1825 - 189...

Mobility Aids and MS: Power Wheelchairs

You need a wheelchair, but much more than a manual chair. What are the options? Last week I covered scooters. Today I will talk about the power of power chairs. Do your online research, talk with your physical or occupational therapist and visit a st...

Mobility Aids and MS: Scooters

You need a wheelchair, but do you have the strength or desire to push and maneuver a manual chair. What are the options?

Mobility Aids and MS: Wheelchairs

In this series of articles about mobility aids, I have already covered walking aids. Now it is time to delve into the scary stuff wheelchairs. The question of wheelchairs is with you from the beginning. When diagnosed with MS, one of the first questi...

Mobility Aids and MS: The Future of Walking Aids

Research has been responsible for many new advances to the long-lived foot braces, canes, crutches and walkers.

Mobility Aids and MS: Walkers

Let’s take a closer look at walkers.