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William R. Davis is a Milwaukee-based American cardiologist and author. He wrote for HealthCentral as a health professional for Heart Health and High Cholesterol.

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Omega-3 gel capsules.

How Much Omega-3 Should You Take?

Omega-3 fatty acid supplements may not protect heart health as much as previously thought. Learn more about omega-3 studies, information about doses, and other possible health benefits.

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What Does Xanthelasma Have to Do With Cholesterol?

“Xanthos” means “yellow” in Greek. Xenthelasma are indeed skin deposits of yellow-colored fatty material and debris, the remnants of inflammatory cells (macrophages) bloated with lipid material that confers the yellow color. LDL particles are trapped ...

Illustration of the aorta and heart muscle.

How to Deal with an Enlarged Aorta

Find out about how you can reduce your risk of aortic aneurysms and prevent further enlargement of the aorta.

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Triglycerides and Small LDL: The Odd Couple

Triglycerides and small LDL particles, small LDL and triglycerides: Like the Odd Couple, Oscar Madison and Felix Ungar, they come together in an uncomfortable situation. Why would such an odd couple exist in the body? And why does it matter? It all s...

Coronary artery plaque

What is LDL Pattern B?

Question from a reader: “My doctor finally performed the advanced lipoprotein analysis I had been asking for. He said that I have something called LDL pattern B. He said that there’s no drug treatment for it. In fact, I don’t think he knew what to do...

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All Complex Carbohydrates are Not Created Equal

Conventional wisdom proclaims that “complex” carbohydrates, such as whole grains and beans, are good for you, better than “simple” carbohydrates like white flour and sucrose. Is that true? Complex carbohydrates have greater fiber and nutrient content...

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How to Read Your Heart Scan Results

In my last post, I discussed what a heart scan score, or coronary calcium score, means. You may recall that coronary calcium serves as an indirect gauge, a “dipstick,” for the amount of atherosclerotic plaque present in the three coronary arteries. U...

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What is a Coronary Calcium Score?

The topic of coronary calcium scores has come up more and more lately in the media, as studies are reported documenting their use. Just what is a “coronary calcium score” and what does it mean? First of all, atherosclerotic plaque is the material tha...

Nurse assessing a patient's pulse.

What is Pulse Pressure?

Learn why pulse pressure is important to your health.

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Reduce Your Cardiovascular Risk With Cocoa

Green tea and red wine are powerhouses of flavonoid content, the plant-sourced family of compounds that are believed to be the source of health benefits of vegetables and fruits. What has more flavonoids than both green tea (brewed) and red wine? Coc...