Yumhee Park

Yumhee Park

Content Producer

Yumhee Park is a former content producer for HealthCentral and helped bring important stories of health advocates to life as a member of the Live Bold, Live Now multimedia team.

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A Hypothyroidism Success Story

Undiagnosed Hypothyroidism: One Woman's Story

For decades, Lizzy, creator of the popular Miss Lizzy blog, lived with undiagnosed hypothyroidism. This condition is so easily missed because of its subtle and not so clear symptoms that could be attributed to many other factors. Lizzy would cite sym...

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Healthy Living

10 TED Talks People with Chronic Illness Will Relate To

If you live with a chronic condition, this collection of TED Talks will resonate and get you thinking.

A bowl of oatmeal with fresh berries is a healthy option for a diabetes diet.

Eat This Instead of That for Diabetes Control

If you follow a strict diabetes diet, you can sometimes struggle with hard-to-control cravings. The next time a craving hits, try one of these alternatives.

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Non-Insulin Injectable FAQ

Here are some questions you might have about non-injectables with the answers you need.

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High Cholesterol

Managing Cholesterol During the Holidays

When the holidays hit, it can be difficult to manage your cholesterol. Here are some tips on managing it during those times when it can be most difficult.

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Men's Health

How to Support Your Guy With Low Testosterone

While low testosterone can be difficult for both the person involved and their partner, here are ways to understand the condition better.

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Causes of Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism can cause multiple health problems that can be difficult to diagnose. Here are some common and less common causes of hypothyroidism.

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7 Ways Diabetes Affects The Body

How does diabetes affect the body? Read more about it here.