MRI Can Detect Autism Risk in Infants

GI Problems Commonly Seen in Children with Autism

As most parents of children with autism know, stomach problems go hand in hand with autism spectrum disorders (ASD.). One study, published in 2013, found that children with autism are six to eight times more likely to have gastrointestinal problems t...
Eileen Bailey

Myths and Misconceptions about Autism Spectrum Disorders

We know a lot more about autism than we did twenty years ago, ten years ago and even last year. Because autism affects so many children (1 in 68) we hear about many of the discoveries. We hear about what autism is and how it affects children. Even so...
Eileen Bailey

Autism: 8 Tips for Grandparents

Does having a grandchild with autism scare you? Are you worried that you are going to something wrong? Or maybe you aren’t sure how to handle the meltdowns or worry you won’t have the patience to deal with the constant routines. Maybe you are concern...
Eileen Bailey

12 Apps to Help Children with Autism Develop Social Skills

For children with autism, social skills don’t come naturally. They often have problems making and maintaining eye contact, reading facial and other non-verbal cues and respecting personal space. They might have a hard time understanding what is expec...
Eileen Bailey

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