Preventing Bladder Cancer Relapse: What the Research Says

Cystectomies: What You Need to Know

Learn more about this surgical treatment for invasive bladder cancer, including how it may affect your life in the bathroom and in the bedroom.
Malaika Hill

Many cancer screenings aren’t necessary

Screening for cancer seems like smart preventive health care, right? Not necessarily. Consumer Reports is advising that most people avoid many common cancer screenings. After evaluating screenings for 11 cancers, its analysis found that eight were un...

When Your Incontinence Is a Symptom of Something Else

I always find it interesting that while I am taking care of a patient for something, often another family member will say to me, “You know, I should come see you.” Many times it is for incontinence, and it is something they have been dealing with for ...
Jennifer Sobol, D.O.

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