What Should You Know About Yoga?

Another Reason to Eat Beans

Beans and legumes may help prevent bone loss, according to recent research. Try this three bean salad recipe that’s good for your bones and tasty too.
Pam Flores

Calculating Bone Loss

Once we’ve discovered we have osteoporosis, we all want some reassurance that our best efforts with exercise, diet, supplements and bone medications are actually improving our bone density measurements. The gold standard for obtaining a T-score, a ca...
Pam Flores

Odd Impact Exercises"”Are Good for Your Bones!

Now that winter is here and it’s more difficult to get outside and do your normal exercise routine, many have included odd-impact exercise to strengthen their bones. What are Odd-Impact Exercise? According to Dr. Donohue, from the St. Louis Dispatch ...
Pam Flores

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