Soy and Breast Cancer Risk: The Straight Story

Mothers, Daughters, and Cancer

Mothers and daughters want the best for each other, but sometimes they don’t agree on what the best is. Phyllis Johnson writes about how she and her mother responded differently to a life-threatening illness.
Phyllis Johnson

How to Accept Help: Just Say Yes

Credit: Thinkstock When was the last time you put yourself first? As women, we’re hard-wired to care for others — physically or emotionally or both. Whatever your role (mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend), your antennae are always out. Is she hap...
PJ Hamel

Wondering Where to Donate Your Hair?

Donating your hair for charity is a great way to help someone dealing with hair loss, but before you cut off your locks, make sure your tresses meet standards.
Rachel Zohn

How Cancer Affects Our Family - A Story of Hope

Credit: Phyllis Johnson On our 30th wedding anniversary in September 1998, I was in chemotherapy. To be honest, I don’t remember what we did. I was probably too exhausted and queasy to have much of a celebration. But we wanted a special recognition o...
Phyllis Johnson