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Gaming Addiction: Understanding This Modern Diagnosis

Gaming addiction is real and troubling. So why isn’t it included in the DSM-V? Learn more about the disorder: its history, symptoms, and treatment options.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.
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Is Drinking Alcohol Bad for Your Bones?

Here’s what you need to know about alcohol consumption and osteoporosis.

By HealthAfter50
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6 Signs That You Might Be Addicted to Opioids

Opioid addiction is a compulsive behavior that can develop even when you're using pain pills for a medical reason. These are the signs you might be addicted.

By HealthAfter50
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How Alcohol Addiction Can Sneak Up On You

Alcohol affects us differently as we get older. It takes longer for alcohol to metabolize, so it remains in the body longer.

By HealthAfter50
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7 Signs You May Be Addicted to Exercise

We all know how important exercise is to having good health, but like anything, too much of a good thing can sometimes end up doing more harm than good. In fact, some people may actually become addicted to exercise, according to recent research. Exer...

By Jacqueline Ho