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Do You Have Opioid-Use Disorder?

Now that opioid-use disorder is a recognized mental health disorder, find out if you fit these 11 criteria and learn how to get help.

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Opioids: Physical Dependence vs. Addiction

The terms "addiction" and "physical dependence" are not interchangeable, even though they're often used that way. Learn the difference.

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Gaming Addiction: Understanding This Modern Diagnosis

Gaming addiction is real and troubling. So why isn’t it included in the DSM-V? Learn more about the disorder: its history, symptoms, and treatment options.

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How to Treat Insomnia When You Live with an Alcohol Use Disorder

Half of all patients report disturbed sleep during alcohol withdrawal. Here are some treatment options that may help.

Bottles of opioid pain medications.

Dangers of Prescription Pain Killers

A fine line exists between the benefits and harms of prescription opioids, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine. Here’s what you should know.

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How Alcohol Addiction Can Sneak Up On You

Alcohol affects us differently as we get older. It takes longer for alcohol to metabolize, so it remains in the body longer.

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10 Ways to Combat Food Addiction

Like all addictions, food addictions can actually ruin a life. Usually the destructive process involves a decline in health and fitness levels. Weight gain and the complications associated with it are the dominant features in a person struggling with ...