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How to Help Your Child With ADHD Rock the School Year

Real talk about how to work with your child’s school to set realistic expectations and offer maximum support for the school year. You got this!

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Fixing January Low Activity Levels After Busy Holidays

When January rolls around, many parents are ready for the daily routine to bring back some semblance of order to their lives. But the transition isn’t always easy.

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Fidgeting Increases When Brains Are Hard at Work

Researchers believe that fidgeting or movement helps children with ADHD better juggle the items on their working memory table.

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Things Parents of Children with ADHD Wished You Knew

From deciding on medication, managing behaviors, and living up to expectations, these parents have considered it all. And want you to know.

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Signs Your Child With ADHD Is Struggling in School

Some of the warning signs of academic troubles are behaviors closely associated with ADHD.

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The Three Personal Skills That Can Improve College Success

College is a life-changing experience, and sharpening these skills can help any teen find personal success on campus.

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ADHD: Teaching Methods Make a Difference

There’s little doubt that the way a teacher teaches can help or hurt students — especially students with ADHD. With some simple modifications to how lessons are presented, teachers have the ability to empower students with ADHD and increase those stu...

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Back-to-School Supplies for Children with ADHD

Besides the typical back-to-school supplies, a few added items could help your child stay on task, organized, and prepared for school.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Section 504 for ADHD at School

School: What you need to know about Section 504 when your child has ADHD