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High school teacher helping a student.

12 Things High School Students with ADD/ADHD Want Their Teachers to Know

Attention, teachers! What does your high-school student wish you knew about ADHD? Find out by reading this list compiled by teens with ADHD.

Organized woman looking at sticky notes.

10 Coping Mechanisms for Thriving With Adult ADHD

Thrive with adult ADHD by implementing these 10 steps into your routine. Learn how to organize your day so that your symptoms don't get in the way of success.

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20 Common Symptoms of ADD and ADHD in Women

Many ADD or ADHD symptoms are commonly described by women but not listed in clinical journals. Here are 20 of them.

Upset woman at home with Christmas gifts.

Why ADHD and the Holidays Don't Always Mix

Clutter, overeating, and disorganized schedules are common over the holidays, but can also be major stressors for those with ADHD.

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8 Ways That Adults With ADHD Can Improve Their Relationships

Credit: iStock Relationships are tough — especially when one or both partners have ADHD. ADHD symptoms can appear as indifference or often interfere in personal relationships, even when you deeply love the other person. You might have heard statistic...