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Be a Friend to an Isolated Caregiver

Do you have what it takes to be a true friend to a caregiver? These suggestions can guide you.

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6 Tips to Have More Fun While Caregiving

Many dementia caregivers feel as though they are treading water just to avoid sinking under the often exhausting pressures associated with dementia care. But consciously changing your attitude can, with practice, significantly change how your days, a...

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Needs of 'Elder Orphans' a Growing Concern in Aging Population

“Elder orphan” is a term used by medical professionals to describe individuals living alone with little to no support system. In a research article published in Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research, in July 2016, “Elder Orphans Hiding in Plain ...

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8 Tips to Help Caregivers Improve Their New Year

In the New Year, because your loved one’s situation hasn’t changed, you might think that nothing can improve your own situation. But if you are open to change, you may find that the symbolism of the New Year does offer opportunities to make your life ...

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Dementia Care: 6 Tips for a Safer Bathroom

The bathroom can become the most dangerous room in the house for someone with dementia. These six tips can make it a safer place.

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Ways to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

The right support and self-care strategies can help manage caregiver stress.

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Alzheimer's and the 'Other Woman'

Intimacy among people with Alzheimer’s usually goes no further than holding hands. However, new connections can distress the partner who feels rejected or replaced.

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How to Handle an Alzheimer's Patient Who Wants More Sex

Some individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias become hypersexual. They may make increased demands for sex, more than an overburdened caregiver can meet.

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Embarrassing Sexual Behaviors and Alzheimer's

Someone with Alzheimer’s may engage in public displays of sexuality that can be distressing and embarrassing. Here are tips on how to handle those situations.

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Sex and Alzheimer's: The Consent Issue

It can be difficult to determine whether some people with Alzheimer’s have no interest in sex or whether they are simply unable to communicate their sexual needs.