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Technology paired with traditional instruments is changing how music therapy is used for elders.

Music Therapy Goes High Tech for Alzheimer's

Music therapy has come into its own during the last decade as caregivers, care facilities and hospice organizations have recognized the therapeutic power that music can have on ill and suffering people. This therapy has been successfully delivered by ...

Man walking with senior parents.

Veteran Caregiver for Multiple Elders Tells It Like It Is

My elderly neighbor, Joe, had suddenly lost his wife to a stroke. His only child lived hundreds of miles away. How could I not help?

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7 Tips for Working with New Nursing Home Staff

Sometimes a person with Alzheimer’s disease has to be placed in a nursing home. At this point, the caregiver’s job switches from day-to-day care to being an advocate. While this is a different role, it is a very important since your interactions with ...

Senior woman in robe being comforted by middle aged woman

Do You Tell Someone With Dementia When a Loved One Has Died? If So, How Often?

A friend recently faced the task of letting her mother, who has mid-level dementia, know that the mother’s elderly brother had died. This death was not unexpected, but when a person has dementia and short-term memory loss is a problem, the news would ...

Young hand helping old hand, caregiver concept.

Communication Tips: Reasoning with Your Loved One

Patient expert Jacqueline Marcell writes about communicating with her parents, as they faced aging with mental decline.