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Yoga class in in Balasana pose

Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga for Emotional Release

A book and a friend change the way Mike Veny thinks about how his body releases trauma, helping him to understand that he needs to practice yoga to heal.

Woman's hands scrolling through smart phone

Use Your Cellphone To Help You Recover From Your Breakup

The end of a relationship can be heartbreaking and anxiety-inducing. Here are some apps to help you get over that ex.

Man receiving cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety.

Anxiety Therapy: How to Measure Success

If anxiety starts to dominate our lives, we find ourselves constantly on edge, plagued with self-doubt, fearful, and panicky.

Woman journalling, to help with anxiety.

3 Ways to Express Your Emotions in a Positive Way to Reduce Anxiety

There are better ways to channeling anxiety other than blurting feelings or deeply repressing them.

Child hugging mothers leg

Helping Children Understand Your Anxiety

For a child, witnessing an adult’s panic attack can be unsettling or even scary if they don’t know what’s going on.

Anxious young woman talking to father.

How to Tell Parents You’re Anxious

How to find the right words, timing, and confidence to speak up to your parents or someone you trust about anxious feelings.