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8 Yoga Positions to Relax in 10 Minutes

This simple yoga sequence, including eight easy positions, can reduce anxiety and stress in a flash and can be done almost anywhere.

Distressed man in therapy.

Top Resources for Help with Anxiety

Where to go for help with anxiety? Start with this list of nine top resources, including help for veterans, students, and employees.

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Depression and Anxiety: Feel Like You're Falling Apart?

Read tips on how to keep it together when your world feels like it's crumbling. From self-care to better boundaries, you can build resiliency.

Woman reading on the couch.

8 Tips for Coping With Anxiety as a Caregiver

Hobbies, journaling, exercise, can all help when handling anxiety as a caregiver. Our caregiving expert shares these and more tips.

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Self-Care for Women During the Holidays

Research shows that women are more likely to pick up all the extra tasks such as cooking and event planning over the holidays. So how can you relax?

Pregnant young woman.

Fear, Worry, and Pregnancy With an Inflammatory Condition

Early fears clouded excitement over the arrival of my little bundle of joy. It’s not that I wasn’t happy about having a baby, I was just scared to my wits’ end.

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Men Work on Romantic Relationship to Improve Mental Health

Tips to help men of all ages work through their identity in relationships and life for a stronger sense of self.

Woman relaxing and drinking wine in the bath.

How to Think and Behave with Self-Compassion

Some easy ways to think about self-compassion and how to turn these into greater care and respect for yourself.