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College student studying in her dorm room.

Causes of Our College Mental Health Crisis

Today’s college students are faced with a range of ever-intensifying pressures.

Woman hiding face

The Cost of Hiding Migraine

Here’s why trying to keep your Migraines a secret only perpetuates the stigma surrounding the disease.

Woman with agoraphobia looking out window image.

Overcoming Agoraphobia

Overcoming feared situations requires a systematic series of activities, time and patience.

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Self-Care Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Need a nudge to take some time out for your mental health? There’s a Twitter account for that.

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Hiding Behind Social Media? Here Are Tips for Breaking Free

The other evening, I was watching a television program about the school system in South Korea, where students are among the highest academic achievers on the planet. At one level this sounds great, but the work that goes into this sort of success (st...