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Use Your Cellphone To Help You Recover From Your Breakup

The end of a relationship can be heartbreaking and anxiety-inducing. Here are some apps to help you get over that ex.

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Negative Effects of Social Media on Teens

Managing notifications and the time spent on the phone and social sites can increase self-esteem and confidence.

Social media notifications.

Potential Negative Effects of Social Media

There can be a dark side to the anonymity and accessibility that the internet provides.

Stressed man using a cell phone in bed.

Is Technology Reducing or Causing More Stress?

Technology can make daily tasks easier, improve safety and increase connectivity. But technology comes with its own challenges and headaches.

Work stress

Using Technology to Combat Workplace Stress

A deep dive into the ways that tech might help reduce some of workplace stress’ worst effects.

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Your Smartphone: The Future of Mental Health?

As mobile technology evolves, mental health apps can make treatment more personalized and effective.

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Self-Care Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Need a nudge to take some time out for your mental health? There’s a Twitter account for that.

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Hiding Behind Social Media? Here Are Tips for Breaking Free

The other evening, I was watching a television program about the school system in South Korea, where students are among the highest academic achievers on the planet. At one level this sounds great, but the work that goes into this sort of success (st...