Anxiety Disorders


Midlife Anxiety: A Risk Factor for Dementia Later in Life?

Middle-aged adults with moderate-to-severe anxiety may be at increased risk for late-onset dementia – the most prevalent form of dementia, which typically develops after 65.

By Diane Domina

The Top 10 Questions About PTSD Answered

Regular stress can be thought of as the experiences and tensions we have on a daily basis that can potentially lead to anxiety, depression and physical illness. Post-traumatic stress is specific to a trauma.

By Jacqueline Ho

Why We Need Early Detection of Psychosis

People with psychosis who don’t receive proper treatment are likely to end up homeless or in jail.

By Mike Veny

6 Habits for Dramatically Reducing Depression

They may seem simple, but exercise, adequate sleep, and sunlight can really make an impact on your depression.

By Mike Veny

Small Steps Toward Changing an Anxious Mindset

These six steps will help you change your mindset so you’re not dooming yourself before even trying something.

By Jerry Kennard