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10 Ways You Can Better Deal With Your Child’s Asthma

When your child has asthma, like mine do, there are always a million things it feels like you have to know to keep them safe. Here are my best tips.

By Jennifer Mitchell Wilson
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5 Ways to Educate Kids About Asthma

The Children’s Allergy & Asthma Education Centre (CAAEC), a Canadian organization, has a “Kidz Zone” on its website with fun, educational interactive computer games. For example, kids can undergo training or advanced “missions” by spotting asthma ...

By Erica Sanderson
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5 Ways Asthma Affects Children

Children with asthma have to deal with more than just the symptoms of their condition. Asthma and the medications used to treat it have a physical and social impact on the health of kids.

By Allison Tsai