How Can You Reduce Lower Back Pain?

What are effective ways to prevent lower back pain, especially in the summer? Read on to find out.


Back Pain? Sciatica? Skip the Anticonvulsants

The use of anticonvulsant drugs like gabapentin, topiramate, and pregabalin to treat chronic low back has significantly increased in recent years – as much as 535 percent – even though there’s limited research supporting this practice.

By Diane Domina

How to Manage Back Pain With Psoriatic Arthritis

Learn how to manage back pain if you also have psoriatic arthritis. These lifestyle and medical approaches will help keep you moving as pain-free as possible.

By Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Low Back Pain

It hurts when you lie down; it hurts when you sit; it hurts when you even think about moving. Is it connected to your RA — and what can you do to cope?

By Lene Andersen

Here’s Why Your First Stop for Back Pain Should Be Physical Therapy

Compared to those who see a physical therapist later or not at all, people with low back pain who have physical therapy first generally have a more favorable outcome.

By Diane Domina

Surgery for Vertebral Compression Fractures

When pain medications and rest aren’t enough to reduce pain from a vetebral fracture, surgery may be necessary.

By Peter Jaret

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