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Red pepper capsaicin cream can help back pain.

10 Natural Ways to Relieve Your Back Pain

Before you request a prescription for your back pain, consider asking your doctor about these natural remedies.

By Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.
Doctors looking at X-rays of a patient's spine.

Minimally Invasive Surgery For Back Pain

To treat back pain, many medical centers promote minimally invasive back surgery as an alternative to traditional surgery. But is it really better?

By Peter Jaret
A doctor examines X-rays of a patient's spine.

An Injection for Vertebral Fracture Relief?

In some patients, facet joint injections can be an effective first-line treatment for fractures in the vertebrae, eliminating the need for surgery.

By Peter Jaret
Seniors work with trainer and exercise balls

For Back Pain, Exercise May Be Best

When you have low back pain, exercise may be the last thing you want to do, but it's likely your best bet for finding relief.

By HealthAfter50
Vials of blood in a testing lab.

Blood Test May Help Your Back Pain Diagnosis

Researchers have found evidence that levels of key substances in the blood may serve as useful markers for diagnosing low back pain.

By Peter Jaret
An elderly man works with a physical therapist for back pain.

When Back Pain Becomes Chronic

For genuine relief from chronic low back pain, you may have to try a combination of treatments.

By Peter Jaret
An elderly woman gets a massage for back pain.

Got Low Back Pain? Skip the Pills

If you see your doctor for low back pain, don’t expect to walk away with a prescription. These are the alternative treatments you should try first.

By Joseph Saling
A chiropractor aligns a patient's spine.

Can a Chiropractor Help Your Back Pain?

If you struggle with back pain, you've probably considered seeing a chiropractor. Learn the pros and cons of treating back pain with spinal manipulation.

By HealthAfter50
A woman having a back spasm grabs her back in pain.

How To Find Relief For Back Spasms

Sudden, shooting back pain can be caused by a spasm. Learn what triggers back spasms, and the treatments you can use to find relief.

By HealthAfter50
A man gets a back spasm while shoveling snow.

What to Do About Back Spasms

If you're susceptible to back spasms, this article can help you understand why they happen and what you can do to prevent them.

By HealthAfter50