How Can You Raise Bladder Cancer Awareness?

Tips include lobbying your lawmakers on Capitol Hill, run or walk in an event for the disease, and share your story in the media.

By Sheila M. Eldred

Bladder Cancer Survivor: ‘I had to decide what my priorities were: living, or losing my bladder’

Cynthia Kinsella didn’t sleep much the night after a biopsy revealed she had invasive bladder cancer. She calls it one of the worst nights of her life, spending much of it curled on the bathroom floor in the fetal position. She went on to create a large support network for other bladder cancer patients. Read more about her story.

By Sheila M. Eldred

What Questions Should You Ask Your Doctor About Bladder Cancer?

Want a list of things to ask your doctor about bladder cancer? Here's a collection of questions plus answers, ranging from what treatment options are available to if surgery will impact your ability to have sex.

By Bethany Kandel

All About Stage 0 to 4 Bladder Cancer Treatments

Learn more about surgery, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and other treatment options when your tumor hasn’t spread and when it has with bladder cancer.

By Katherine Malmo

All About Bladder Cancer, A Basic Explainer Story

Bladder cancer is a silent but deadly form of cancer when advanced, but there’s hope: “We are seeing an exciting amount of research into new treatment options in the area of bladder cancer.”

By Elizabeth Millard

What Symptoms Should You Know About Bladder Cancer?

Common symptoms of bladder cancer include blood in your urine, loss of appetite, and pain in one side of your lower back. Read this slideshow to learn more.

By Malaika Hill

Cystectomies: What You Need to Know

Learn more about this surgical treatment for invasive bladder cancer, including how it may affect your life in the bathroom and in the bedroom.

By Malaika Hill

The Latest Therapies

Learn about promising therapies and treatment combinations used to treat advanced bladder cancer.

By Avery Hurt

Understanding Common Complications of Bladder Cancer

What to expect after diagnosis and surgery for bladder cancer.

By Malaika Hill

Treatment Options for Advanced Bladder Cancer

Walking you through the treatment options for each stage of bladder cancer.

By Malaika Hill