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12 Osteoporosis Terms You Should Know

Recently diagnosed with osteoporosis? Here’s a guide to some common terms you should understand.

By Lara DeSanto
Doctor wrapping a senior woman's wrist.

Osteoporosis and Fragility Fractures: What You Should Know

Get the facts about reducing your risk of osteoporosis, straight from the clinical director of the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

By Stephanie Stephens
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Scoliosis and Kyphosis: What to Know

These two spinal deformities usually develop in childhood or adolescence, but they can worsen with age.

By HealthAfter50
A chiropractor shows a woman a model of a human spine.

How to Choose the Best Chiropractor

Chiropractors treat back pain and other musculoskeletal problems. Here’s how to find the right one for you.

By HealthAfter50
Elderly couple walking.

Fragility Fractures: What to Know

A fragility fracture can be a sign of osteoporosis and can increase your risk for other serious fractures in the future.

By HealthAfter50
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Dislocated Shoulder Can Mean Long-Term Problems

The unique design of the shoulder joint creates extraordinary flexibility, but it can also increase the risk for certain problems.

By HealthAfter50
Man grabbing back of upper thigh in pain.

What is Spinal Stenosis?

Learn more about this common cause of back pain — a narrowing of the spinal canal that typically affects people in their 50s and 60s.

By HealthAfter50