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In-depth information on different kinds of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Patient experts inspire and guide with practical advice on how to manage conditions, be an effective caregiver, and more.

John and Tina

Living With ALS: One Man's Journey

HealthCentral speaks with an ALS patient about living with the condition — and the hope for a cure.

By Lara DeSanto

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Let's Talk About the Types of Dementia

A range of brain diseases and conditions can cause symptoms of dementia. We help you understand the most the common ones.

By Linda Rodgers
Woman using electronic panel

Home Sweet (Smart) Home

Living like 'The Jetson's' isn’t too far off, thanks to technology that’s now being adapted to help those with multiple sclerosis to create "smart homes" equipped with gizmos that remote-control certain tasks.

By Rachel Zohn
Happy couple after tennis match on court.

The Truth About Preventing Memory Loss

Doing puzzles and taking supplements aren’t going to cut it. The good news? Warding off dementia is probably easier than you think.

By Lara DeSanto
Girl in physical therapy sitting on a stability ball

Physical Therapy Moves to Beat Pediatric MS Pain

Helps kids feel better with these stretches and strengthening exercises for multiple sclerosis.

By K. Aleisha Fetters
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Why Did I Get MS?

A multiple sclerosis diagnosis can come as a total shock—and leave you wondering whether you did anything to cause it.

By Lara DeSanto
depression anxiety

Feeling Depressed and Worried About Your MS? You're Not Alone

A lot of uncertainty comes with multiple sclerosis and learning to cope with it isn't easy. We're here to show you how.

By Julie Halpert
virus attacks neuron

Is There a Connection Between the Epstein Barr Virus and MS?

Find out if a common virus could be the smoking gun that triggers multiple sclerosis.

By Lisa Fields
support group

Your Ultimate Guide to MS Organizations

Looking for an organization to join forces with? Start your search with this list of groups doing some awesome work for the MS community.

By Michelle Konstantinovsky
medical team

Team MS: The Health Professionals You Need Most

It starts with a good neurologist, but other key practitioners can help you live well with MS.

By Sarah Ludwig Rausch
MRI scan

Myths and Facts: Getting to Know NMOSD

This severe but treatable autoimmune disorder is often mistaken for multiple sclerosis. Get the facts on what makes it unique.

By Lexi Krupp

Meet the Experts

Lisa Emrich
Patient Advocate

Living with MS and RA, Lisa Emrich is a powerful patient advocate who inspires people to live better and stay active.

Trevis Gleason
Patient Advocate

Award-winning author, chef and blogger, Trevis L. Gleason was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis in 2001.

Carol Bradley Bursack

Carol Bradley Bursack is a veteran family caregiver who writes as the Candid Caregiver as well as focusing on dementia.